Guidelines for authors and deadlines

1. Application for Participation (submission of abstracts)

Application of authors for the Conference is done by sending the abstracts to the e-mail: 

Number of words of the abstract is 100-250 words.

Forms (template) of abstracts, depending on the language the paper is written in, may be downloaded as follows:

Forma sazetka rada or Abstract template in English.

Scientific Committee informs authors on the status of the abstract.

2. Full papers

Papers are sent to the e-mail:

Forms (template) for complete papers depending on the language the paper is written in, may be downloaded as follows:

Forma kompletnog rada or Full paper template in English.

Number of pages for the full paper is 4-10.

Authors shall be fully responsible for the originality and content of their papers.

Selection of full papers is done pursuant to the peer review of two reviewers in the area the paper is written in. Scientific Board of the Conference will inform authors on results of peer-review.

3. All positively reviewed full papers, for which the registration fee was paid, will be published in two separate collections: The Book of Abstracts and Proceedings, and each of them has its own ISBN.

The Book of Abstracts will be published before the conference (both printed and online versions are available), and Proceedings will be published after the conference (online version).

4. Poster presentations are based on the applied abstract. The maximum dimension of the poster is 0.9m x 0.9m. It is the obligation of the author to bring the poster to the Conference.

5. Papers may be presented within the following sessions:

  • Plenary sessions (30 min),
  • Oral presentations (15 min),
  • Poster presentations (max. dimensions of the poster 0.9m x 0.9m)
  • Virtual presentations: online (over video link) or offline.

6. Terms

Term for application (submission of abstracts) – 20th December 2022 - 15th February 2023

Information on status of abstracts – 25th December 2022 - 20th February 2023

Term for submission of full paper – 15th March 2023 - 1st April 2023

Information on status of full paper – 25th March 2023 - 15th April 2023

Participation fee – 20th April 2023 - 25th April 2023

Preliminary agenda of the Conference – 5th May 2023

Conference will be held from 31st May to 3rd June 2023


Due to high interest, originally defined deadlines have been extended.